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thank god im bisexual ;p

Today was pretty good. i went to the gay pride parade so that made me really happy.i met up with annie and jose and we walked over there after getting some rainbow flags and energy drinks. it was so cute to see all the couples. and you could tell everyone was just so happy and proud to be there. it felt amazing. i got a sunburn cause we stood there for about 4 hours. it didnt even feel that long. and i was taking pics but my camera battery died. hopefully i got some good ones. i saw Carson from queer eye hehe. and the floats were pretty cool. lots of dancing people. there were tons of people and so much pride. im so glad i came back to the city for that. it made everything worth it hehe. i did miss vito being there though. it would have been so much better. but he would have been so tired too. then i got home and me and the fam went to some restaurant in jersey. it was really cool. the food was not that great though but the place was nice to look at. i am so tired now.

i missed buffalo for like a second lol. i guess im getting better at not being so attached to things anymore and just trying to enjoy what im doing instead of always wishing for something else. vito called me and told me he missed me a lot. that made me want to just run home, but then i was like nah i gotta just stick it out and know that i can be here on my own for a while.

so tomorrow im probably going to a show down on st.marks and then probably sleep over at annies. she went to the airport to pick up doofus. i hope i dont have to see him at all while im home. hopefully ill find a way to hang out with annie and avoid him at the same time. although going clubbing and avoiding that situation is going to be hard. ugh. boys...

so yeah im enjoying the city while im here. i wanted to go home in 2 weeks, like the 10th but i just found out flickerstick is gonna be here the 12th. fuck. i cant miss that. but i dont know if i can stay here THAT long lol.

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