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nothing to do.

today im bored hehe. i didnt think that would happen here. but i think maybe a day of rest is ok. annie is off with doofus shopping and tomorrow is the wedding party...yah go figure. so shes gonna be busy with that for the next few days. i hope she just doesnt ditch me after that,

i had a really good time with her yesterday. it was almost like old times. we just had tons of fun. i met her at her office after she finished with work and we took the subway down to astor. we went to this place called chickpea so she could eat and i finally tried one of her energy drinks called rockstar that shes always talking about hehe. it was actually pretty good. so then we went in to see the show. the first band sucked. no stage presence at all. we had a few drinks and laughed at them a lot. then the group we came to see was on next called KHZ. they were pretty good. the lead singer had an amazing voice and she had a hot body which helped. hehe. so yeah they rocked. so we finished up early and just walked around st.marks for a little while/ i got 2 really cute bracelets. i couldnt resist. hehe. then annie got on the phone with teanne while we figured out waht to do. we were gonna go to a bar but we ended up walking to 14th st. and then back down to 11th to the corner pool place. that place looks a lot different then i remember. maybe cause we were there at like 2am drunk off our asses the last time! lol. so we had a few MASSIVLY expensive drinks lol. and we played pool and took a bunch of pics. we laughed and joked around and had a great time. then we walked to the train and went back to her place. vito called me while i was on the train so i talked to him for a while. i told him all about annies place, which is so amazing! i cant believe how cute it looks! so eyah then he stopped listening to me and i got a little upset so he did too and he was just like ok bye. i tried not to get upset so i just looked around the apt with annie. we had another drink and some chocolate chip cookies and then we went to bed. it was really comfortable just laying there. we talked a while about random things and doofus getting married and all that jazz. weirdness. oh well.

so hopefullt she'll give me a call sometime soon so i can see whats up. my parents are going to jersey tomorrow cause my grandma got out of the hospital today. im probably gonna go up for the 4th of july. or something. and im trying not to miss home or vito or everyone else there. its hard but im not like ohmygod without him. which is good. thats what i wanted to accomplish during this time.

my sister has class tonight so blah. nothing to do.

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