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however far away, i will always love you.

its weird. all these thoughts going through my head. i dont really know what to do with them. i guess thats what i get for just sitting around all day just talking to people online. talking to mike online. i always think i know what to do with that situation, and then i dont. and i guess today, sitting here talking to him and listening to lovesong all day didnt help. i need to stop lol. anyway no more about this right now.

vito got a job today!!! i didnt get to talk to him at all though. he got back late and when i called him back i guess he was sleeping. so he got the teaching job at ITT-tech. im so excited for him and so proud! hoepfully this will help him feel better about himself. i miss him but im trying not to think about it too much. so far so good. im glad to be hanging out here.

so tomorrow we are supposedly having a party or something cause my parents are leaving so my sister invited liz and some other friends over. i hope its a good time. better than sitting around doing nothing i guess hehe.

wow i didnt realize how late it was. i wish i talked to vito today :\

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