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i dont wanna feel this way

so i talked to vito this morning. he was excited about his job so thats great! he starts next week. i wish i was there to be with him before he starts and to see how his first day goes and everything. but im probably going back next weekend anyway. he thinks its too soon lol. but he misses me. its just good that hes not thinking about it and being sad about it. so we talked about what we have been doing and all that. hes been up for a while so he wanted to go to sleep. i miss him :\

so then my parents left for jersey. now just my sister and i are here. shes working on her report and im just sitting around like blah. its like i wanna do stuff but i dont. i dunno. im so unmotivated lol. i just wanna lay around. i wanna go out its just so hot out there and i still have to shower and all that. ugh. go me.

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