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party time

so liz and patrice came over before cristina went to class, but she just dropped off her paper and came back. then we went out to get some alcohol and stuff. so we just hung out and played music and drank. michelle came a little while later. we went to smoke inside and just hang out. i dont even remember what we did for most of the night. i just remember laughing a whole fuckin lot lol. we sent the kids to go get food but michelle spilled fries all over wendies so they had to go to the supermarket lol. then derek came over for a little while and we just talked and sat around. overall it was a fun night. then i called vito and talked to him for a while. i tried really hard to concentrate lol. then i went to bed. woo.

so today im just sitting around. liz and patrice just left. we watched sister act lol. and other random stuff. i called vito cause i wanna see if i got some packages, but he is either sleeping or not home or something. blah.

so tonight im probably gonna hang out with annie. we are gonna go to the pyramid. its just too hot in here lol. so im unmotivated. and still a little tired from last night. and i guess tomorrow we are going to jersey. im not incredibly excited about that. id rather be in buffalo going to the ani concert but im reeeaaally trying not to think about that :(

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