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days go by

so where do i begin. well thurs i went to the pyramid with annie. we got drunk and much fun ensued. i almost felt like i was home there hehe. i danced a lot and my legs ached so bad for days lol. and there was so much crazyness. damn lol

friiday we went to ersey for the weekend. my grandma is going a little better. today my mom cause and said she was walking and got dressed and she seemed a lot better.

so yeah we had our 4th of july there and then monday we came back. we watched stargate all night lol. thats my new obsession by the way. you have no idea. lol its so great though. where have i been all this time! lol. so yeah i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. my brain gets weird on me sometimes.

so today i just sat around. me and annie are supposed to go to TJ's but i have to watch queer as folk cause i missed it on sunday, and shes tired. so we'll see. and then tomorrow im gonna go see arthur with my sister and just hang out.

its way too hot over here.

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