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crack ...

no not the drug. my brain. i think i am crackin up. i am happy then sad then happy then sad. and this keeps happening. I'm not mad about the website thing anymore. which happened like 2.2 seconds ago. cause i got a nice email. i just hate when people get upset with me. it makes me feel so worthless. ick. izzy i have been meening to comment on your lj i just never get around to it. sorry hun. i was gonna rent valentine the other day but i didn't. dunno why. i really need one of those coolata things from dunkin donuts. and i am dying for the harlow cd to come out. i need some good hardcore chick music!!!! kittie is just not doing it for me :( okee *ahh fletcher* OOHH i had a dream about flicekrstick last night. i finally got to ask fletcher what his tattoo was. i dont know why i didnt when i met them :( and then i hung out with them at a halloween party. we had orange boas and Amanda from Harlow was there too. she was Fletchers girlfriend. Weird huh.

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