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Carter: 23 across. The atomic weight of boron. The answer is ten.
O'neill: Yeah?
Carter: You wrote fat.

i come back home and suddenly become the biggest dork ever. lol. its ok. i jsut cant remember reading fanfic since like...a long time ago. with the xfiles. haha. sometimes i just get attracted to certain things and they stick. anywhere there is love, or a possibility i guess. i just get drawn to it. either that or im a weirdo.

anyway, im getting ready to leave. im all packed and everything. when cristina leaves for work ill be elaving too. im excited and nervous at the same time. it was good to be here though. good to just hang out and stuff. and maybe ill be back, and maybe cristina will visit me in buffalo. that would be such a fun time!

so off i go.

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