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oh go away

UGH i am soooo sick. this fuckin sucks. i have been mildly sick once this year. so of course now that its summer i get sick. atleast during the winter i understand. well its not like im doing anything anyway. i wonder how long it will take till boredom sets it.

so since ive gotten back ive been watching stargate a lot, i went out on friday to the cont. got SO fucked up. i had a few to drink and was mildly drunk, then we started talking to todd and some other guys and they had the stronest pot ever. i thought they were kidding when thy said it was like govrnment strength pot. i have never been that fucked up from pot in my entire life. i couldnt even stand up. so michelle and i ened up sleeping at mikes and left at 9am.

and since then ive been sick. i dont even remember the rest of saturday. sunday i ordered pizza and watched qaf which was amazing. im so glad they showed mikey and ben getting married i toronto. it was nice to see that on tv.:) then today i just lay in bed horribly sick an watched stargate sg-1 like all day. damn i love that show to death. i wonder why it never caught on sooner. i loved the movie and all. i dunno. maybe it was at the wrong times.

so yeah vito has been doing great at work. hes been doing a lot of math, but he seems a lot happier which is great. hes been craving drugs more that usual though. dont know what thats all about but i hate it. i keep having nightmares of when he od'd and it fuckin scares me. he just doest understand. and i know it wasnt the coke but still. i dont want to ever go through that again. i guess when you dont have to go through things, you just never will. and it sucks. i hate being so worried about it. sometimes i just wanna be like fine! do it. but i cant.

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