Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.


i found this quote in one of my commuities journals. so damn true...

"There are two seasons in Buffalo...winter and construction."

fuckin consruction so damn early in the morning. so yeah im still sick. last night i watched xfiles for a million hours on tnt and then vito told me i could sleep in his bed. its so much cooler in there. damn. so we tried to sleep but couldnt and we talked about a few things. mostly about the drug stuff and sex and stuff. blah. lol. but then we did it finally, i regret not letting it go on for longer but it was just so nice to kiss him and be with him and have him kiss me back like that. its been a while since theres been passion. so yeah we did that for a while and then he went to do his math for his class and i went to sleep.

this morning we had this whole convo about love and being together and everything. sometimes it makes me sad how he feels about love and relationships and i wonder if i can really be happy with it. but then i think about how much i love him and he loves me and thats good enough for me. just some sign of wanting to just commit in some form of completeness would be nice. oh well.

so now i am sitting around watching scifi and still being so sick. i feel like my nose is gonna fall off. grrr

i think we are getting a cable modem tomorrow! fast internet!!!! its been a while. and then i wont have a life cause ill be on it all the time. like i need to be more antisocial. lol

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