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stolen survey ;p

wow. stargate atlantis is so much better than i thought it would be. i guess i should have expected that. its one of the coolest shows i have ever seen! the sets are amazing and im starting to love the characters. there is definitly an awsome story there.

10 Of Your Favorite Bands At This Moment

01. nine inch nails
02. wolfsheim
03. goldfrapp
04. ashlee simpson (dont ask lol)
05. snake river conspiracy
06. korn
07. ani difranco
09. radiohead
10. coldplay

09 Things You're Looking Forward To

01. doing e
02. going out saturday
03. vito coming home when he goes to work
04. my sister coming to buffalo
05. starting classes
06. brianna coming home
07. getting a new tattoo
08. my birthday
09. going to see a movie with vito

08 Things You Wear Daily

01. 2 rings
02. black jelly bracelets
03. earrings
04. beaded bracelets
05. glasses
06. lip ring
07. deoderant
08. underwear

07 Things That Annoy You

01. stupidity
02. drama
03. homophobes
04. people trying to be something they are not
05. boys, most of the time
06. emotions
07. people who think they are better than everyone

06 Things You Touch Every Day

01. vito
02. glasses
03. computer
04. food
05. tv
06. hair

05 Things You Do Every Day
01. watch tv
02. go online
03. talk with friends
04. make food
05. watch stargate sg-1 ;p

04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time With
01. kinga
02. brigid
03. ken
04. vito

03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

01. jurrasic park
02. american beauty
03. indepedance day

02 Bands You've Seen Live

01. flickerstick
02. greenday

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