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ooooooh blah

so im sitting here watching monty python and im remembering when vito and i first started seeing eachother. you see he loves monty pyhon and always wanted me to watch it with him. so we went to his place, he lived with his mom at the moment. i remember meeting her and jim and then we went to his room and watched it there. im trying to remember how different things were. how much has actually changed? if we were close to being the same then as we are now. cause i miss a lot of that. i miss how different things were. i dunno. im dwelling again. thats never good.

i feel so blah that i stayed in on a friday night, but i guess i was just too blah to go out. so im sitting here watching random things eating peaut butter crackers with chocolate chips. while vito is sleeping. atleast he watched degrassi with me and was alright with me. im worried about the infection in his ear though. its pretty bad :( all pussy and red :( pray that that goes away.

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