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love sweet love.

LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): Love, sweet love. It's out there somewhere. You can feel it in the air. You know it's just around the next corner. But then you turn the corner and it's nowhere to be found. Whether you are currently in a relationship or not, love feels a bit elusive these days, especially if you are trying to catch it. Rather than trying to bring love home in a box, why don't you just enjoy the fantasy of loving the idea of love for a couple of days and see where that goes?

that was my horoscope for yesterday.

ok, now at first i was like oh yeah thats so true. but you know what, its really dumb. yeah thats whats been goig on, but then to say, oh well dont worry about it, just try to ignore it and concentrate on being in love with love. now being in love with love, is to me, one of the stupidest things. its a tad bit pathetic as well. being in love with love is like having this idea in your head about how things should be. and this idea about needing someone a certain way, but needing it so bad that thats all you can see, and that person cant even do that, you just love the idea that someone can. like in a movie or fantasy. or something like that.

i think people let go of this fantastical notion when they actually do fall in love...which sometimes is too late. and then just realize that people are only human, and you cant expect this perfect love, you can only expect what the person can give you. sometimes if you dont realize this, you may never find love because your always out there looking for this thing that you are never going to get. so let go of that and just let things happen.

thats my advice for the day kiddies ;p

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