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ugh i feel so sick now. i love drinking. but hate it the next day. sometimes its just not worth it. and im all nervous cause on wed. i have a dentist appointment. i dread the dentist more than anything in the whole world. im always scared its gonna hurt way too much or that something bad is gonna happen. grr

If you had to have plastic surgery, what would you have done?liposuction. get rid of this belly
What non-physical attribute(s) do you seek out in a friend?kindness, loyalty, understanding
What non-physical attribute(s) do you seek out in a lover?same as above plus, sensitivity, humor, compramising abilities
What is your area of expertise?the arts. anything artsy really.
What do you wish you were better at? science stuff. i wish i knew more about astronomy and astro physics
What is your ideal age?oh hmm..i guess 21 or 19
What makes you feel relaxed?valium. lol and watching my tv shows
What makes you feel anxious?PEOPLE, cash registers ;p
How well do you get along with your family? these days, pretty good. a lot better than i used to
Do you like photographs of yourself?despite how fat i think i look, yes i love photos of me lol
No holds barred, what is your pie-in-the-sky dream job?ROCK STAR
Do you enjoy being alone?depends on my mood. usually no, but only if im with like vito or something
Do you enjoy being in a large crowd?NOT at all. id rather die
What animal scares you?spider, dogs
Do you dream in colors?yes i do.
Do you prefer to date older, younger, or same age? older or same age
What social group were you in back in highschool?teh cool kids that didnt really give a shit lol
Do you feel like you are smart? in some ways
How many living plants are in the room you are sitting in right now?none
Do you have indoor pets? What kind?my loverly cat
Do you like your house? not really. its alright i guess
Where is your favorite spot on earth? either my grandmas house at the pool with the peoplke i love, or ihop 3am :)

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