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avril is hot. :p

today was pretty good. vito has been a lot nicer (thanks to the meds;p) and i guess been feeling better too. there was an amazing rainstorm today. one of the biggest ive ever seen. the lighting and thunder were just so intense. then i hung around with vito while he did his math and got ready for work

after he left i got some pizza and watched a million hours or stargate sg-1. always a good time. he got home at like 11:40 after i spent an hour trying to clean and drain the fucking tub. i hate being the only one that takes care of that shit. anyway he came home with a burger for me so that made me happy, then we layed down a little and joked around for a while. so yeah all in all good. then i watched xfiles for a million hours. good times :)

and last night i had so much fun at marcellas. i just danced my little heart out. it was great. i havent danced that hard in a long time. super fun. then michelle and i went to the lake effect diner near my place and had a burger and fries. DAMN GOOD> and not just cause i was drunk lol. hope the rest of this week goes like this...

on another note. im so glad farscape is coming back :)

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