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a few thoughts

why are there so may scary kids in movies today. i just dont get the fad. i mean, do they really scare other people as much as they scare me??

john sheppard on Stargae atlantis is so damn hot. its like he grows on you. at first i was like eh, hes alright. and now its like, the way his clothes fit on his body, his boyish features, his wittyness. major hottness. yeah im still a girl at times hehe.

i never had a subway meatball sub before. or any meatball sub for that matter. vito brought me one home today when he got back from work. that thing was awsome! it was better than the burger i expected. and it filled me up. good stuff.

so today i slept till mad late again. then i woke up and fell asleep on vitos bed while he prepared for his class. when he left i stayed up and watched stargate. all night. and downloaded a ton of music. i wanted to go out, but i couldnt motivate myself to go shower and get ready. so here i am wanting to go, wishing i was out there, but too dam lazy to do anything about it lol. so im sitting here. doing...nothing.

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