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for everyone that casts a shadow

just got back a little while ago. wow. what a night. i love marcellas. there needs to be more gay clubs around here. but that one does its job well. so it was the 9th aniversary party and i met john there who i havent seen in ages. and a lot of other people i knew. it was awsome. i danced the WHOLE fuckin night. what a party. now thats what i call a good night. with that and yesterdays escapades im gonna be sooooo fuckin sore!!!! lol

on another note,before i left i was just so damn depressed i thought i was gonna die. yeah i cant believe i made it out the door. i ended up cutting myself which sucked cause i havent done that in...i think almost 2 months. and then as asoon as i get home i get into the same fight with vito. like he says stupid shit, or doesnt wanna see me at all, and expects it to be ok. like ok csilla leave now. well..ok but then when do i actually get to talk to you or something. cause im always just so damn annoying. god forbid i get 5 minutes of his time. that might not be worth it enough to write on his stupid sheet. well i hope he sleeps great.

i had a good time tonight so im gonna try and ignore that.

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