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dont worry. its all gonna be alright.

its times like this when looking out that window, it seems like a good idea. it seems like the only way you want to go. not forward or back, just out there, straight ahead of you. and you fall and fall till all thats left is a pool of blood. and suddenly it doesnt seem so scary anymore. it reminds me of days when i wasnt afraid to die. when i welcomed it. and it feels warm and safe like a place you know and are just coming back to. remember this place? yeah, thats right. you cant ever forget it.

and then you just fall asleep and the next day comes.and comes and comes. and you wonder when the day will come where you dont fall asleep. where you just cant take it anymore and just thinking about what will happen when you fall isnt good enough. when you want it so bad you can almost feel it happening.

and you wonder if anything is ever gonna be ok again.

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