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thank god for fridays

ok well...lets see. immense crazyness has been my life the last 2 days. well one really but yesterday...was very all over the place. i woke up cause vito said we were finally getting the car to go shopping. he was acting really weird and like cold to me. so automatically i was like, what the hell did i do, cause i know i didnt, but it must have been something. so i asked him and he said nothing. then on the way there he told his mom he was gonna stay with her that night cause he has this thing in the morning and he had to get out of the house. so im like, ok....whatever. then when she left i was trying to talk to him about it but he was just being very edgy and defensive so i let it go and we tried to just leave it alone for then and be ok i guess.

we decided to go to ihop though which is awsome cause i love that place. we used to go there all the time together. when we got there i got all upset cause i didnt want to be doing anything wrong and i told him i was sorry for whatever i did. and he said he was sorry too and told me to come sit next to him. so we talked a little about what we could be doing better for eachother and then we just sat and joked around and had a really good time. he actually smiled and let me play around with him and hold his arm and stuff withoug being all ugh about it hehe. so we talked and ate and then we went to wegmans to finally get foood. damn ive missed that. we were shopping for a while and vito was getting really tired and grumpy and just wanted to get home and get drugs cause he got all upset that i did a bump last week. which i feel really bad and guilty about now. so what can i say? nothing anymore cause i lost the right. so then he was gettting all upset and when we got home i got upset cause i knew if he called andy that would be it. so i was crying and crying and he aked me what was wrong and when i told him he got even more upset and then we got into this whole big thing (im cutting a lot of corners here cause this is getting long lol) and he told me that he didnt want to do this anymore cause i wasnt happy and he didnt like the person he was since he was with it was my fault or something. which really hurt cause ive been the only one taking all the bad things and helpig him make them into good. but he doesnt see that i guess. so i was just like fine. im tired of fighting this. im just gonna wait till things cool down

so he left for his meeting and was supposed to stay at his moms. i must have cried for like 2 hours and then fell asleep on his bed. then he came home. at like 7. and was being really sweet to me and told me he was sorry and he didnt meant to be such a jerk or whatever. and the rest of the night was golden.

we had such a good night together. we just hung out and talked and watched stuff on tv and played around. it was like nothing had happened and had only gotten better. we watched all the Atlantis episodes finally hehe. and farscape, and then i slept in his room with him.

then today i slept in his room all morning while he went to his faculty picnic thing and ive never slept better. it was great..had some crazy dreams again too. so then i get in the shower and he gets back and tells me my computer is being weird but he had to go get his mom. so i get out of the shower and go see whats up with my computer and on my desk is a DQ moolatte which i have been wanting for so long!!! i was so happy :) he came home just to get me that. its these things that mean so much to me. like i know he is thinking about me. and yeah he is not the best with his feeling but in little ways it comes through.

one thing though...i forgot to buy cheese. :)

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