Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
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i see you more than anyone else does

damnn, i am sooo drunk. but a good drunk. iwas gonna go out but i didnt. i just went to my friends house and got drunk, and then talked to friend omnline. and icamre to realize how much i love some people. people in myu life that make me think about certaint things. and show me how beautiful people can be. and i love yuou for that. i wish you would see how much i see in you. that i see more in you than others might see.

yeah im drnk.

now i wish i had food . yeah, but we are too drunk to go get some.

i need to be free. i need to be artistic and love and do something i am passionate about. i need that. and i need someone that can help me do that.


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