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4 weeks left till school

so lets see...saturday i made plans with a bunch of people so i had to figure out a way to combine them. i really only wanted to hang out with ken at that point so i met up with him and we hung out here a little andd then we headed over to the cont where we were supposed to meet mike, kevin and jill who i dont think ever showed up. anyway ken and i sat around for a long time laughing at people and totally not feeling the place. so we were just about to call michelle and see if we could go drinking at her place...cause she has tons of alcohol, when kevin called and said they were coming. so we waited. and they showed up. mike was so unbelievably drunk that i couldnt even talk to him or anything. i think he spent most of the time falling into things and talking to himself. oh and then michelle showed up. lol. she taps me on the shoulder and i almost died. i told her that we were just gonna call her though. so after standing around talking for a long time we decidec we couldnt take it anymore and everyone was so drunk anyway, we should just go back to michelles.

so yeah, we get there and then realize we need more cigarettes so we go and get some and then we go back to her place and start drinking and trying to play cards. it was so hilarious. by the end of the night we had gotten michelle naked and she thought ken cheated cause he wanted to see her naked lol. it was a good time. glad i could pull myself away from all the same old shit.

then the next day i just lazied around. ken came over later that night, i made him smores and we layed on my bed talking about emoness lol. and avril. haha. i love you ken, your the best. and your so hurts ;)

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