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days go by

sooo lets see. monday we got our hands on some drugs and so we did that most of the night. tried to watch tv and write with not much success. we finally headed to bed at like 6am. vito layed down with me in his bed ad he told me how emtional he felt and how much he loved me. totally touched my heart. he was just holding my hand and telling me all these things. then he started kissing me, like really kissing me and we started to just feel eachother. and he was kissing me everywhere. it was the most amazing feeling. just kissing him like that. and then when we has sex it was beautiful. he was holding me and loving me and i just wanted to be in tha moment forever. i felt so loved. it was great. i was so happy.

tuesday i just sat around and watched tv. vito got home later than usual and we lay in bed together watching the xfiles all night, and then this weird movie called the blue lagoon hehe. i taped outback jack cause we always watch that together. and then today we basically did the same thing. we watched stargate ,made food, and he told me i was so full of life. cause i had so many emotions. i laughed and cried and felt everything. yep thats me hehe.

so then the rst of the night ive just been online, trying to decide if i wanted to go out but i didnt. and then looking at SG which i finally got back. woo.

so these days have been good. ive been pretty happy. something inside me keeps tugging though, like wanting to pull me back into a sad place. but im trying to ignore it and just stay as happy as i can

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