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the weirdness

last nighti had a dream that i was col. jack o'neill and i had one of those goa'uld hand things and i could control it, only not really and i was shooting it at the wall and blowing things up lol. and then i had to go see dr.frasier cause i couldnt hear in my left ear, but i was sitting on the toilet lol. and then i went to this art fesival only now i was kelly osbourne.yikes. and i accidentally broke something that told the Asguard that we were friends so me and some dude,i dont remember who but he was in charge were trying to fix it. so we finally did and then mulder and scully came along and were just standing around at the fair.

so i was looking at jewelry for hours and i saw these beautiful earrings and i was like oh i wish i had a boyfriend(you know, so i could get the jewelry. and then i got embarassed cause i realized that i did. haha

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