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i want pizza hut!!

update time. blah. im so stressed to do this lol. im just too tired and trying to get my brain to work anyway. so thursday night i hung out with ken. he came over and we just listened to music and played wheel of fortune on my phone haha. hes always such a fun guy <3 like i can just lay around with him and do nothing and we still have fun. good times. then friday i was so blah but i decided it would be good to get myself out of the house, so i went to the cunt with ken and michelle. we went over her place first to drink while she got ready. damn i certainly drank a lot in a little time. by the time we left i was pretty tipsy. so we get there and mike gets there too and we dance a little and drink a little. kevin ended up there too so we all just hung out in the back and smoked and talked for most of the time. i had a pretty good time besides the fact that some hurtful things were said to me. oh well. i try to ignore that shit. the night was good, michelle is funny to listen to and ken is good to be around. fuck all that other shit.

today i was like dead to the world. mike and i stayed up late talking and doing drugs till like 10am so i was pretty tired. i didnt fall asleep till like 1pm today lol. so now im all blah. tomorrow i have to go with vito to this family picnic at his moms. i am so not looking forward to that. im all nervous and shit.

i had a dream that i was at some place that keeps reoccuring in my dream. its like a college cafeteria but its not. it smore like sophisticated or something. and there are all these little restaurants there. and Micheal from queer as folk was there giving me pizza hut. and now thats all ive been wanting all day. so bad.

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