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slowly breaking through a daylight

today was pretty good. it was sooo hard getting up cause i didnt fall asleep till like 6am. knowing i had something to do today, which only makes it harder. so vito and i woke up at like 2 after his mom called a million times. so we got ready and vitos brother john and his friend michelle picked us up so we could go to the family picnic at his moms. i was pretty nervous about it as i wrote previously. social anxiety plus meeting family is always fuckin hard. but i got there and got introduced and it went pretty well. he has such a huge family. there were so many people there. and they were all so happy and sweet and made it easy to be there and not feel all weird. Joe, vitos brother and jenn his girlfriend were there who ive probably seen most out of all of them cause when we have diner and stuff they are usually there. so i basically just talked with jenn a lot. shes pretty sweet and really friendly.

vito went to lay down for a while and i got a little upset cause i didnt want to sit out there by myself with his fam, but he did anyway so i just pushed myself to go out there and sat around. then vitos mom and jenn went to wake vito up cause they didnt want him to miss the picnic. they practically pulled him out of bed. lol. it was pretty funny. so we sat around outside under this big tent thing and talked and had a few beers. vito actually had one haha. then joe, jenn, shirleyannes friend and i went to build a fire in the very back of the yard. we collected branches and it was a pretty cool fire. then the rest of the kids came over with marshmallows, graham crackers and hersheys chocolate and we made smores. it was really fun. all in all i had a great time. im glad i didnt chicken out and i went. i feel like now it will be a lot easier to go see his family. im sure vito felt like that with my fam too.

then john drove us home at like 9ish and vito went to sleep. meanwhile i had a little jr high school incident lol. but i tried to just put it aside. so i talked to ken a little and sent him pics from the other night :) when vito woke up i lay down for a while in his bed and then we watched dead like me together. love that show. so yeah thats a sum up of my day.

i so needed to get drunk :\

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