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i feel like im 13 or something.

so monday im just sitting around doing shit on my computer and it decided to die on me. believe me i was very upset. i hate when this shit happens. ureliable crap. anyway so i was pretty upset but ken came over and we hung out for a while, took pictures and stuff. that cheered me up a bit. and i got some blackmail pictures out of it haha. ;)

then mike came over to see what was up with my computer. he told me the hard drive was completely dead so i lost everything and now i have to go get a new one. only i dont wanna talk to my dad cause i have to send the stupid camera to him and i still havent argh. andi havelike no money either. spent the last of it on lortabs last night lol. so yeah mike took the computer home so he could atleast get enough room on my other hard drive to set up the basics like internet, itunes, blah blah. so yeah thats what im working off of right now. i was so fuckin bummed out.

then tuesday i just sat around for the most part, trying to get backa few things on my computer. then watched outback jack with vito. it was the last one and it was so nerve wracking. but natalie won so i was happy. lol. im such a dork.

then wednesday was a pretty cool day. i was feeling kinda blah but ken came over at around 8ish and we hung out and talked about famous people ive seen lol and smoked cloves. and then we decided we wanted to go say hi to michelle and get my lortabs hehe. she wasnt online though so we just decided we would go there and surprise her lol. so we got there and she was like woah what are you doing here but was cool about it. so we hung out there for quite a while. took some more pictures which i must upload, looked at our ub grades lol, and i had a few drinks. then after ken left me and michelle headed over to marcellas. mike was there. we danced a little and saw the drag show and then the most amazing thing happened. i saw someone so familiar so i told michelle to go ask him what his name was. so she comes back and tells me its Luis. i almost flipped out. he used to be one of my best friends in high school in nyc. it was fucking crazy. so he saw me and we freaked out lol. we were like hugging and crying for like half a hour. it was so good to see him. i thought we had lost touch forever.little taco!:) so we basically talked like the rest of the night catching up and all that and then we exchanged info so we could keep in touch for real this time hehe.

so then we left the club and i was pretty damn drunk by this point so of course i was hungry. so mike and i went to tops and got digiorno pizza and cheese doodles lol. and we came back to my place and scarfed it down. yum hehe. and then i went to bed. and had the weirdest dream about a friend of mine and we really liked eachother and we were hooking up and he gave me like 3 hickies lol.and it all felt so i was so comfortable and we really clicked. anyway im crazy. i keep having hooking up dreams lol. maybe its a sign of something lacking in real life haha. well not really haha cause its sad.

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