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it is so hard to practice what you preach in dealing with tolerance sometimes. anyone who knows me, knows that i try to be extremely accepting of all people and everything around me. and i take pride in leading the lifestyle that i see is best for me and encouraging anyone to do the same. and i appreciate when people i associate with are the same way. but it kills me when i have to deal with people who are close minded and are not tolerant. i want to get away from them and not really talk to them. but that would be so not tolerant of me. and so im faced with this dilemma. cause i dont wanna deal with their beliefs on things that oppose what i believe. but that would be so hypocritical and wrong. and so i let it go and accept it.

but isnt that doing the same thing as agreeing with them? my womens studies teacher once said that you dont speak out against racism then you are racist. even if its passive. like if your standing on line and hear someone say something shitty. you either speak up against it and do something about it. or you let it go and let it keep on going. and your passive racist. i agree with this to a point of course. like i dont expect people to do this all the time. but if someone is calling something "gay this and gay that" in a derogatory way, you bet im gonna say something, i dont care who it is. so what do you do about tolerance? i dunno. ive just been thinking about this cause of a few things that have been going on around me.

and please. no drama or flamming. we are all mature adults now arent we?

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