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why cant that be me....

man i keep forgetting to write in here. guh. anyway friday was cont night. ken and i went to michelles first to hang out and drink. we had quite a few shots and i popped some lortabs. always good for a fun night. and i felt good. so we get there and are supposed to meet mike and brigid but she wasnt having a good night so just mike showed up. i remember hanging outside smoking for a while, and then the rest of it i really dont lol. it really bothered me cause i have never done that before. i use to make fun of people for not remembering stuff. so i suck. that was a pretty hard night. when we got back to michelles mike and i hung out and just talked and i must have cried for like 4 hours. damn. that was a pretty shitty night. so then saturday i decidedd to cool it and not do anything cause i really needed to chill.

sunday i went to michelles and then ken met us there and we went to marcellas. i met up with john and his friend evan, and jason was there too. i had an awsome night. i felt bad though cause everyone else seemed bored. i am way to self conscious i think hehe. so yeah it was fun and i danced a lot. and drank a lot. i ended up getting very very drunk. ugh. im starting to hate that cause i feel like all the people around me are like oh god.

today i slept alllll day. well i went to bed at like 2pm or something like that. mike came over and we stayed up doing drugs for a long time. i need to stop that too. all of this. its just making me hate myself more and more i think. and i hate being jealous of other people lives.

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