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the weeks in review part 1 where do i begin. i might do this in parts lol. 2 weeks of crazyness. i guess summer went out with a bang. sort of. i guess maybe having so much crazyness makes you not want it so much anymore, and then i can atleast concentrate on classes.

so last wed i went to marcellas with michelle and prettymuch just hung out with john and evan the whole time. they are a good group of people. i met a few others that night cause the drunkness was in full effect. an that just helps me open up. a we were there early so we cought both drag shows. haha. good stuff. so yeah that was that. thursday is farscape day so i stay in with vito and watch that. yes im a dork. we all know this ;p

friday i probably went to the cont with michelle and ken. i dont remember anymore. it was too long ago and the days kinda just flow. thats what i usually do fridays though so im assuming. i love going out with ken and michelle though. its always pleasant. and i guess it gives me a feeling of comfort. of some sort. anyway im not gonna get into that right now.

then saturday...haha...we decided we were gonna go to the opening of this new gay club called Cobalt. we were supposed to meet evan and john but we later found out they couldnt get in cause john is 20 and it was 21+. fuckers. so i actually got vito to go cause he is ok with going to new places. so me,him, michelle and chrissy decided to check it out. we get there and the place is fucking amazing. it was very babylon-esque hehe. and a lot more upscale then lights, great people, huge patio, sweet bartenders. so we got drinks. lots of them lol. and we danced and talked about random things the whole night. it was good to be out, esp with vito. we danced a whole fuckin lot. well i did anyway lol. michelle got way too drunk lol. and then we started talking to this girl abby and her bf dan and they said they were doing e and did we want to go to an afterparty with them. so we were like yeah sure but we dont have e. so i dont know whos bright idea it was so suggest we take the acid we had back at home. so we pilled into the car and headed back. of course i was being a bitch on the way home cause i was trying to help us not loose abby and them who were following us. so yah we get back to our place, michelle goes home and chrissy and i do acid. then we drive to the afterparty at some random peoples house. ther are a lot of cool people there, but i felt a little uncomfortable. and i felt bad later on cause vito was just kind of walking around while me and chrissy were talking all fucked up. yeah. it got me really fucked up. i was like out of my head. at first it was ok but then it got a little too overwhelming.

as is this entry so im gonna break off here for a while and update the rest later. just wanted to get a start on it befoe i start forgetting things. nothing bothers me more than when that happens.

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