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weeks in review part 2

alright, so where i left off. cobalt, afterparty, acid. yeah. so we stayed at the afterparty till like 8am. then we had to go home. so chrissy drove us home and i was soooo fuckin sick all the way. ive never been that sick ever. ever. it was bad. so we get home and we lay down or something. i was so fucked up beyond belief lol. except it wasnt funny cause i just didnt want to be that fucked up. and i was tired and very panicky. it was not a good high at all. so vito andi lay down and i was just upset and everything. and my mind was racing everywhere i was thinking about all kinds of things. new york, weird things. i dont even remember. and vito just stayed up with me the whole time. talking to me, making me feel better, trying to distract me from feeling like shit. it was really nice. and we had the most amazing sex. sex on acid is fuckin amazing. it was like nothing else. and i really needed to feel close time him. it made me feel so much better. anyway it was like 12 and we were still up. it was a very long night. and i was all upset cause it was now sunday and my parents were coming up on monday. so we slept a little. and then woke up and just walked around. i was feeling a little better at that point so vito and i just hung out a bit. then we slept a little more so we could be rested for cleaning.

when we woke up later i was feeling much better. so we decided to order some pizza and get cleaning. we cleaned a bunch and then sat down and started talking about the 2 of us and how he felt about me. nice things. and then we talked about jobs and what he wanted to do. it was a good conversation. then we cleaned the whole house. it was grreat hehe. we watched tv for a while. dead like me, unwrapped, the olympics hehe. and then we went back to bed

the next day we cleaned some more, vito graded papers and then he went to work. my parents got here around 6ish. it was really good to see them. they were pretty tired and blah but they were happy to be here. my dad got me a new HD but i still havent put it in my computer yet lol. so then we went to shop a few things. we went to walmart. i havent been there for ages lol. i got a cute blue and black striped shirt and some red pants. and other various household needs. dish soap. damn that was necessary lol. and then we went to go pick vito up from work so we could go out to eat. we went to applebees which i love lol. and we had a good meal. it was good to be with everyone. i remember last time we were at applebess with my parents vito was in the city and i was so sad. but this was reall great :) then we went home and we were sooo tired so we went to bed. the next day we did some more shopping. food shoppin at wegmans, we went to the mall to get me some cute sneakers and some going out shoes hehe. i also got a cute necklace and nose studs. i was getting bored of the ring. so then after a big dispute earlier, we went back home to meet up with vitos mom so we could go out to eat with her. we went to elmood to this place called ambrosia. it was a pretty cute place. so we ate and talked and i had a really good time. vitos mom can be really sweet. so then we went to go pick up vito again and we came back and had a cake that vitos mom brought earlier. after that we were all pretty tired so we went to bed. long ass day. so wed my parents wanted to leave but i needed a few things from BJ's so we drove over there. i never realized how close it was lol. i had fun walking around with my parents. and i really didnt wantthem to leave. when we got back they just got their stuff and headed out. i wished they could stay longer. i cried when they left hehe. i had a nice time with my parents. thats something i so would not have believed a few years ago.

then that night we decided we wanted to go to marcellas, so i went over michelles but then ken came over so we ended up hanging out there for a really long time. it was ok though cause its nice to just hang out there for a while. and i hadent seen ken for like a week which is like weird now lol. so we took a lot of pictures and just layed around ;)

so then we finally made it to marcellas late and john was upset cause i told him wed be there at like 12. it was so we danced a little and then he and evan wanted to leave so me and michelle left too. we ended up going to dennys. i got a strawberry milkshake and mozarella sticks.yum.

then thursday vito and i decided we wanted to meet this girl ive been talking to online. so we figured the cont was a good place to go. freee cover and all. so he actually came out with us and we met up with onnalee. shes so damn cute! and really smart. we hung out and talked and i had apretty good time. it was so dead though but we stayed outside for most of the time. it was good to be out with vito too again. that was like twice in one week hehe. i can tell this job things is helping him at times, just by little things like that. so after the cont onalee went home and vito michelle and i walked down chippewa for a bit, then we came back home.

friday the 27th...damn my memory is going. actually icantbelieve i remember all this lol. me and ken decided it was cont night again. haha we are so boring. this is like..marcellas cont marcellas cont. ;p i wore my really cute new tutu skirt :) and i put eyeliner on ken. cause its so damn hot. we just hung out and...i dont really remember shit anymore which is sad. we did meet caitlin that night though. so that was fun. right ken???

the next day was pretty fuckin crazy. ken and i decided to go out to the cont again. yeah we were bored. and he said we were picking up caitlin. so we go to buff state in the POURING rain. we could hardly see the road. so we pick her up and we go to the cunt. we were so board for the longest time. we were too sober really. i saw onalee there which was nice but she didnt stay for very long. so caitlin got drunk, i got drunk and we were all just taking pictures and shit. and then todd comes over and so we hang out the rest of the night. then we give him a ride back to his place and somehow we all end up going up to his place. and wow...

im gonna finish this later cause my fingers hurt and i wanna keep you all in suspense lol.

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