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here we go again

i hate waking up and being this fucking tired. i couldnt sleep last night. again. what else is new. im so tired of class already and its only week 2. this is gonna be painful. i dont even have my stupid book for class tomorrow. blah.

last week today was the first day of classes. and that was alright. afterwards vito and i went to amys place to celebrate the first day of class. cause ive been doing that since ive been like 5 lol. so that was fun. then today he is meeting me on campus for lunch. hope that goes well. i miss doing that with him a lot.

i have been feeling so blah about myself lately. like im normaly like oh blah i dont look that great. but now its at a new low. and it fuckin sucks. no matter what i just feel fat and ugly and stupid. and im like embarrased to walk around cause i look so fuckin eww. ah fuck.

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