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rewind to this day

i am way too moody sometimes. and it sucks. i need to just step back sometimes and let things go. ive been so quick to get annoyed and angry lately. so im gonna write a proper entry about our anniversary.

wed i didnt even really think we were gonna do anything. but vito woke me up in the morning and told me he was taking me out somwhere. he called his mom and borrowed the car for the day :) so i got dressed and we went to olive garden. we were gonna go to ihop cause thats our place and they had popcorn shrimp but i didnt think it was romantic enough hehe. so we ordered really good food and talked and had a really nice time. i was soooo full by the end of it. and then vito got me some of that chocolate lasagna cake i love so much hehe.

sso afterwards we were gonna go see a movie but there wasnt really enough time before we had to go pick his mom up so we drove over to the boulevard mall and hung out there for a while. we went to hot topic, which is prettymuch sucking right now, and then we went to fye and i got the co&ca cd. i really needed some good new music.

so then we picked up vitos mom and she drove me to class and dropped vito off at work. class was alright. better then last weeks. and emily drove me home cause the rain was fucking insane. and then ken came over study.


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