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no more drinking.

how do my weekends turn out to be the craziest fucking days. its like i just forget everything around me.

so friday after i was bored to death i decided to call michelle up and go to the mall. i got some cute earring and a shirt. oh and this hello kitty lipgloss. hehe. i just needed to get out of the house. and i wanted new clothes cause i suddenly hate all of mine. then i watched stargate sg-1 and atlantis with vito. they were pretty good eps. amusing if anything. i dont like how they never do anything as a team anymore. blah.

so then we headed out to the cunt. well we went to drink at michelles first, which always fucks us up beyond belief. i havent been that drunk in a long time. so we had a good time i think. i dont remember much lol. i remember falling a lot and coming back to my place before the cont to grab some pizza. i danced with brianna for a little while and then something happened with someone michelle knew so we had to leave. i think. lol. so we go back to michelles still drunk off our asses and...well... i dont kiss and tell so the rest we'll leave up to imagination ;)

so then saturday im soooo tired and bruised up and everything so i just slept most of the day. as did vito. he hasnt really been talking to me much, or anything. so later on i decided i wanted to go out again. we were gonna go to cobalt but ken came along so we did the cont again. atleast we are giving them good business so they dont close down hehe. and i finally got my song that i love. hehe. so i danced a whole lot more, talked to some wicked cute gay bois and then we decided to go home. i passed out on michelles bed and got home at like 9am.

today has been slow and shitty. i was still drunk for a long time. i slept in vitos bed while he went to do various things. we watched stargate sg-1 which was fun but then he like gets all weird and mad at me...for what??? i dunno... all day he has been so blah though. like i try to talk to him and hes just like whatever. i dunno. so then i go do the dishes so i can not be upset and he goes in there saying he felt bad...but then he starts up again. like whats the point. so i dunno. whatevs. i have soooo much work to do for tuesday. thank god thats my only day of classes next week. haha suckers ;P

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