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stick to your own

Getting to know your TV
What is your favorite TV show?stargate sg-1
What canceled TV show would you bring back if given the chance?the x-files or buffy.
Which reality TV show do you watch? the real world. outback jack ;p
What was your favorite children's show you watched as a kid? thunder cats
If you could CANCEL one TV show, which one would you dump? the oc or gilmore girls. blaaaagh
What television character would you gladly run away with and MARRY? daniel jackson
Which TV show character most resembles you in your life? willow rosenberg hehe
Which TV show character looks most like you?um...meghan from felicity i guess lol
Christian Troy or Sean McNamara? who?
Which Sex in the City character are you? carrie
Seth or Ryan? your mom
Who would you rather spend the day with: Will, Grace, Jack or Karen? jack
Seinfeld: Genius or Ridiculousgenius
What tv show do you think is/was most influential? star trek
Cable or Satellite? cable
Which TV character has your dream job? samantha carter
Who's your favorite character on the Sopranos? dont watch it
Which CSI do you prefer: Las Vegas or Miami?las vegas
Which Law and Order do you prefer? (I'd give you a list, but I don't know all of themSVU


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