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when everyone is so much better than me

so friday i really wanted to catch up with all my school work. i have a lot due this week so i figured id use my time off wisely. but does that ever happen? no. so i just sat around for most of the day. watching tv and being depressed. vito left really early and wanted to be alone all day so i just stayed home and he hung out and did acid on campus. nice. so im just sitting around trying not to be depressed.he got home around 5:30 and just went to sleep. i found that secret cutting movie so i started to watch it, figured it would take my mind off of doing it again, then i just lay in my bed under my covers and listened to nine inch nails. like what i used to do. back when i was really depressed, cause im the biggest loser. then i watched some stargate and vito actually came out of his room and watched the end of it with me and then we watched andromeda.

during the show i looked out the window and the sky was completely pink. like all the light was pink and everything. we went outside to look at it and it looked like the sky was on fire. it was beautiful. then we went back in to watch some more stargate but vitos mom came to drop off the car so i had to tape them. i still need to watch them. but then ill put off my work again lol. so on the way back from vitos moms house vito took me to ihop so i could get the never ending popcorn shrimp! hehe. ive been wanting it for a long time :) so we sat there and talked and ate and had a pretty good time. when we got back i got ready and michelle and i went out to the continental. i didnt get as drunk as usual though and i danced alllll night with brianna. its good to have my dancing parter back. now i just have to get back in shape to keep up hehe.

so then sat i was really tired like the whole day. so i prettymuch just slept. then we were hungry so vito drove us to amy's place. yum. best restaurant ever. so we talked a little about school and life and all that fun stuff and i had a really good meal. i tried to talk him into going out later but well, we know how that goes.

now i feel like such shit so i need to take a break from computers.blah

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