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another fucking day

i feel like all my days are now running into eachother. its hard for me to even tell them apart. everyything is always the same. blah. so im on my way to my classes and another stressful week. im not prepared for dealing with this week one bit. and i cant even crawl into bed and sleep, cause i have been sleeping horribly. and i always feel like something is wrong, or like something bad is gonna happen. maybe its my anxiety getting worse again. its not a good feeling.

so lets see..sunday, woke up late probably, vito wanted to go get lunch, so we drove to roadhouse grill. i love eating there so it was cool. i was so sick though so the whole time i was tired and cold and had a runny nose. but i still had a good time. vito got tired really fast though so we went home.on the way we stopped at dairy queen and got some dilly bars. still dont know if i like those or not hehe. then i prolly came home and watched tv while he went to sleep. later we watched dead like me and then i did some reading for my feminist theory class and tried to work on my paper for english. i was so fucking sick though that i just gave up and went to bed.

monday i decided i would go to campus with vito since he had to go teach his class. im so glad hes back at ub now. so i woke up at like 6am and put together all my shit and went with him. we went to the math place for a while so he could put together his stuff. it was weird being back there but cool. haha im so good with the words today. blah. so he went to teach and i went to the computer lab to look up journals for my violence and gender class. ugh i still have to do that whole thing tonight. so after his class he did office hours and then we went to eat lunch. we were so tired at that point that we just went home to sleep. and i had such a hard time falling asleep. i hate that so much. then vito decided he wanted to go to his moms to do laundry. so we drove all the way over there and we did laundry. i did my whole english paper over there. and the computer was so slow. it drove me nuts. but i finished. yay. on the way home we stopped and wendys. i havenmt had a baked potatoe in so long.

so then i tried to go to bed but of course couldnt sleep. i woke up every 15 min. so im exhausted right now. and feeling so fucking blah. i hope vito picks me up from class.

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