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5 days till the bday!!!

so yesterday was the best day ever. lol i sound 5. i thought the day was gonna be shit. i got to cognitive psych and the whole time i was sitting there all restless in my chair. that was the longest class ever. and i was so tired. i wanted to get coffee but i didnt get time so i had to get one of those energy drinks. so that class was over then i went to english and he only kept us there for half an hour. i was so fucking happy. so i ran to starbucks and got me a big coffee. after that i was just fine. lol. i tried to do some reading then i got lunch, then i went to feminist theory. which was a pretty ok class for that day. its not as great as i thought it would be. but i think i was spoiled with that last class i took hehe.

so then vito came to pick me up yay!! i so didnt wanna take the bus home so i was happy when he called me :) and he was like, hey we should go fishing! and i was like woah cause i had soooo much work to do and i really wasnt wearing the right clothes, but he actually wanted to do something with me so i was like alright. we went to his moms to get the fishing rods but she didnt have any so we drove around and found a kmart and bought stuff there. then we went to get some bait.ew. on the way we stopped at this place...i forget what its called but its like a cider factory. and they had this cute little store with all this apple stuff. we got some dried apple things, candy apples, cider, a cider slushy and this cute little wooden apple. for memories hehe. then we drove to this bridge with this lake and waterfall cause thats where vito used to fish, but there was no way to get in and the walk down was steep. i was wearing my platform boots...haha. so vito went over to check it out and went all the way down to wear the little waterfalls were but he couldnt get to the lake. so we drove around to find another place.

we got to this park thing he used to work and and walked to the stream. it was so hard getting down there cause everything was slippery and we kept slidding on the mudd. i did not wanna fall on my ass lol. so we finally got down to the stream and vito set up the fishing poles. i caught fish like right away. it was so cool. i thought it was gonna be a lot harder then it really was. of course we let the fish go right away. i would die if we didnt. i cried a few times cause i love fish, but it was so fun. i took a bunch of pics. vito caught this huge fish and it was so weird to see it all close up. ha im such a city girl. i never thought id go fishing. hehe. so we stayed there for a long time, getting all bit up by mosquitos and it was so fun. then the sun started going down so we made our way out. on the way to the car we saw a whole bunch of deer. and they were like not even scared. so vito started feeding them the apple things and some of the deer actually came and ate out of his hands. i couldnt believe it. ive never seen a deer that up close. hehe. so on the way home we stopped at pizza hut, played a few games, then came home. i started my work but watched the real world instead and then went to bed.

best freaking day ever. vito was so awsome the whole time, and just so sweet. this is why i love him. cause this is how he is when hes ok. and its fucking fabulous. :)

today i woke up early and got to my work. i have so much fucking shit to do. i finished my paper but i still have to read 50 pages, and then go to class, and then get home at 10. but then i still have to shower. read like 30 pages for each class tomorrow, and get to bed so i can wake up at 7am. i might die. but atleast i get fridays off. yay.

5 days people! :D

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