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im a fishin girl now ;)

so wed night i got home at like 10. it took me 2 fucking hours so get home. crazy shit. i dont wanna go through that every fucking week. blah. so then i start doing work but vito gets home and we end up doing stupid shit all night. i couldnt sleep at all and i really wasnt feeling well, so thursday ended up being a bust.i didnt sleep at all. im surprised i functioned that well. energy drinks are a godsend. But well later on we got our shit together and decided we were gonna go fishing again. so we went to wallmart to get some supplies and a fishing liscence. then we went to roadhouse grill to get some rolls. the traffic was really shitty so we decided to just go fish somewhere around UB. so we went to like where the bike trails are all the way on the other side of south lake and we set up our stuff there. it was pretty cool. so we fished there for a while and it was really fun. i kept catching fish. im such a natural hehe. so then it started to get dark so we packed up our stuff and headed over to UB cause vito had to pick up some of his teaching books. it was so great just walking around with him and hanging out. its like everthing is so perfect now. hes been so sweet and loving and actually wanting to spent time with me and stuff. hes really trying and showing me he cares. and nothing makes me happier :) so then we got home and he went to bed and i watched like a million great shows on tv.

then friday he went to work really early. i was gonna go with him but i was just so damn tired and we wanted to go fishing again so i knew i had to sleep more. so he got home at like 12 and went to lay down a little. then he spent sooo long looking for how to tie knots for the fishing hook. and then we finall headed out. We went over to UB first cause we had to check out some shit about my financial aid cause apparentl something got fucked up with it. so now i have to go do all of it again. fuckers. and then we got some drinks and headed out to wallmart cause we forgot to get some stuff. we drove all the way downtown near the docks, which was prett nice, but we couldnt find a place so we kept driving around. we got some hamburgers and mcd's and then left to go find another place. by the time we actually got to fishing it was like 6pm lol. ad the spot we chose wasnt that great. so we spent a little time there while vito was doing his knots and then we moved firther down. i got a lot of bites but didnt catch anything. so after it got dark we decided to leave and go downtown to the Spot coffee on elmwood cause we have only been to the other one. we got some food and coffee and hung out there for a while.i really like that one. its so cute! and its got that record store right there! so we looked at the map for a while and talked and then we came home.

vito read the fishin book while i went to go shower, cause even after all that i still wanted to go out. so ken came over and we went over to michelles, got drunk and went to the continental, which prettymuch sucked a lot. so then we just came back and i was just feeling so anxious and shitty that i just came back home and went to bed. blah. i wanted this weekend to be party fun, cause its my birthday weekend. hehe. but yeah, no ones gonna make a big deal.

i did get some presents today though! from my fam. i got some really pretty clothes and my momg ot me the green converse that i wanted! yipeee. i hope i do some fun shit for my birthday. i need this to be a good one! and then my sister is coming next weekend. so that should be a really good time!

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