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these are so annoying. yet i keep doing them

the scar you're most proud ofi have too many bad ones to be proud of scars
your favourite condimentranch dressing
if you have frecklesnot really. on my shoulder a little
your preferred method of cookingmicrowave
what shoes you're wearingjust tried on these black and leopard print shoes i got
how many children you haveum.50000. lol. none
the first person you french kissedmy friend mark
your preferred breed of dogthe little terriers from wizrd of oz lol
where you were bornlennox hill hospital. manhattan. ny,ny
what colour underwear you're wearingplaid
where your keys are right nowon the hook next to the door
if you have split endshere and there. i dye my hair so fuckin much
when you last got laidthursday morning
your opinion on airline foodhad it once and it wasnt too hot. i like the chips though
what cosmetic surgery you would considerbreast reduction
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onum, the tire swing? i dunno lol
your worst maladywtf is a malady
if your mum loves your dadyeah
if you can sing wellpretty good
what your olympic event would beswimming
someone you admirematt schwartz
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapyour mom
the last time you criedhmm...days ago. when a fish died :(
your most interesting sexual congress locationback of a store
part of the Sunday papers you read firstarts
the languages you speakenglish and hungarian
the religion you were raised inroman catholic
if you can draw wellnot really
your favourite photographnot really sure. there are just too many
what you should be doing instead of thisi could be doing homework but i still have time.


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