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so monday i sat around. all day in front of my computer. listening to the same songs over and over and over. literally feeling dead. i didnt get any of my work done at all. so tuesday i went to cognitive psych and she postponed the test, then i went to english where i just sat there. didnt do my paper, and then i met vito for lunch. only not really cause he just lay on the couch while i went to get my food and ate. i didnt go to my feminist theory class. blah. then i came home and watched a lot of CSI. thats what gets me through the day. how sad. vito went back to his moms again and i just sat around. and then went to michelles with ken where i got so fucking drunk. on a tuesday night. yeah. god that was bad. but i needed to just not think. so yeah i got severely drunk and then proceeded to be an ass. after being sick for hours i passed out. the next day i didnt go to class, i watched a lot more CSI and then i worked on my paper that i didnt do the night before.

so today i went to all my classes. and got all my work done. i almost killed myself to catch up with everything. but i did it. so i guess thats good. but all i wanna do is get drunk now. blah. this life is killing me.

so whats up with grissom and sarah? heh

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