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so today was not too bad.i actually felt ok for the most part. i went to my classes and chilled on campus. a few minor occurences with the bus coming like once every hour and 7 buses passing by all full, and stupid fucking frat boys in the student union. but other then that it was pretty good. i got a few halloween things which are so cute and when i came home vito lay in bed with me and we watched some shows. and he was really sweet the whole time. we just lay together for hours and cuddled. it was really the best feeling. i love him so much :) and we talked a little and it just turned the whole day into a good one. i love spending time with him like that. and when he really listens to me and talks to me. i really felt very good and peaceful laying there with him.

so tomorrow im going to toronto with ken to see coheed and cambria. im pretty excited but also really nervouse. stupid social anxiety. the last concert i went to was the flickerstick one years ago and i almost died with a panic attack and i was so sick and just hated it the whole time. and that was with vito there. so...i just hope it goes well. i hope i can put that aside and just have fun. i just have a bad feeling like something is gonna happen. im such a freak.

anyway, i have to live a little right? so im just taking a shot. no regrets.

and and im working on those icons for you guys who commented. dont worry i didnt forget!! :)

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