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coheed and cambria in toronto

sooooo wednesday...ken and i left for Toronto at 11am. we actually made it out the door by then. we drove and drove and drove till we got to toronto. it wasnt a bad trip actually. we listened to coheed the whole way there. then we parked in this spot we payed $10 for, when there was free prking all around we didnt know about lol. so we got there at like 1ish and walked around for a looooong time. we went to go see the CN tower but it was $22 to actually go up, so fuck that. then we walked forever to find the subway, ate at harveys...where they prepare the burger right infront of you like subways or and then we took the train...and streetcar down to chinatown. that area was pretty cool. a lot of toronto looked a lot like nyc and it made me miss it so much. but it was good to be in a place that resembled it a bit. chinatown was a lot less crowded then in nyc but there were still a lot of vendors and crazy little chinese things. id love to go back there to shop! then we went to this area near chinatown called kensigton market. and god was it cute. it was like the village but more quaint and cuter. there were little artsy shops and houses all around and thye whole environment was just really nice. we both liked it there so we walked around that area for a while. then we sat down in this park area a little cause we were so fucking tired. then we walked and walked and walked some more and got back on the train and back to union station near teh cn tower.

It was like 5pm by then so we figured wed go to the place where the show was-kool haus- and so we walked some i was so dead by then i could hardly walk. so then we stood on line for a long ass time. me and ken were like the oldest ones there. everyone was like 15 and so disgustingly scene. god. i hate kids like that. its like, "hi we are emo so we can dress like idiots but not have to actually stanfd for anything" there were some hot girls there though hehe. so finally they let us in. then we waited a whole hour and a half more and then the first band...or guy came on rather. he said his band got stopped at the border and then youclt get through so it was just him lol. i thought he was joking at first but then he just started to play and sing by himself. he was pretty damn good though. then the next band came on and the whole crowd started freaking out. i cant even descrivbe the massive pushing and crushing that was going on.i thought i was gonna die. like i could hardly breath at some points. it was pretty bad. so after a while i was like shit i cant do this anymore or im really gonna die so i pushed my way to the back and just listened to the rest of the shitty band there these kids are psychotic. i havent heard such a shitty band in a long time and they were all like freaking out. haha stupid scene kids. so yeah when that was done all those retards went to get water or whatever so i got back in the front on the side though where there was less shit going on and i hoped that it wouldnt get bad over there. so at like 10:15 Coheed and Cambria came on and it was so amazing. iwas like so excited. and they put on a really good show. they even played my faorite sog. i was really into the whole thing and it was fun. they sounded so great. i wanna go see them again hehe. it might be a while till i can deal with a crowd like that again lol. i didnt even take my valium though i was pretty proud of myself. after the cocert we were so exhausted. so we drove home and went to bed. i had an awsome time. im glad i got to tour toronto with ken and see coheed. it was a really great experience.

last night me and michelle decided we didt want to do the whole club thing and ken couldnt go out so we went down to elmwood and drove around there for a while. the we parked and went to nietchies (sp?) cause it looked pretty cool. its actually a really cool place inside. the people are all indy which is a lot better the having to deal with the stupid frat boys on chippewa. yuck. so we drank a little and talked and just hung out. it was cool.later we might go to the mall and then tonight we are prolly going to the cunt.


i have so much schoolwork to catch up with. ive been slacking the past week. i always do this to myself. do super great in the beginning and then start to fuck up and get off track. i cant get off track this time cause then ill just be so fucked over.

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