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not too bad for once

i forgot to write about the carnival!! hehe. friday i actually got vito to get up and go back to north campus with me for the carnival in the union. they usually have it during family weekend so i would always go and i really didnt want to miss it. so we got on the bus and headed over. it was reallyy nice out and the sky was just an amazing blue. we got there and outside there was this rock climbing thing and this twister ride. so vito tried out the rock climbing hehe. and then we went inside where there was tons fo free food and all those carnival games where you can win prizes. there was also like sumo wrestling and boxing lol. i wanted to try it but then figured it was prolly not a good idea. so we got some food, hot dogs, fries, burgers, fried dough. yum and we ate and then we played some games. i won prizes my first two shots lol. ther were darts and that popping the balloon game and all kinds of fun stuff. it was corny but great. and i came home with so many stuffed animals lol. and i had a great time with vito!

so yesterday michelle and i went to the the hugest hail storm. it was so fuckin windy and ice was falling in huge chunks. it was so freezing by the time we got to the mall. so we spent like hours there. i havent done that in a long time. i spent so much money. god. i felt so bad but i havent been shopping in so long so i guess its ok. and i got some cool stuff. i still need sweaters though. blah so then we got back and i got ready and we went over michelles and drank a bunch. i called my parents cause it was their anniversary and talked to them for like an hour and a half. they were happ though so it was cool. hehe. then we went to the continental which sucked as usual and then we just went back to michelled and passed out. i got home at like 5:30 and vito came to bed with me. so i guess the night ended up being alright. and i didnt get sick hehe.

so today im gonna try and get some work done. haha. maybe if i say it enough ill believe it lol. and then later is the Farscape miniseries thing!!!! im so fucking excited. ive been waiting for that for ages. i watched the finale the other day and i was crying my eyes out lol. so im really looking forward to this.

other then that i have a feeling this week is really gonna suck...

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