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yay! i finally got internet connection set up on my laptop! it took me all day and it keeps connecting cause something is very wrong lol, but atleast it works on and off. today was a shitty day though. i practiced my guitar, which was the only thing that took my mind off the crappyness. and the rest of the day i was screwing with the computer, trying to get it to work. it finally starts working at 1am. lol not like i'll be sleeping anytime soon anyways. i think i have insomnia. i cant sleep till 5AM and even then its like a choppy sleep. SO atleast i saw my friend Brittany today. she showed up at my grandmas house and we talked for a while. i really miss seeing her like we used to every summer.

i can't wait to go back to college already. my family is driving me nuts. they were bothering me all day and then wonder why i explode. they see how frustrateed i am. ugh,i hate thiss feeling i'm getting. it reminds me of the feeling i used to get last summer.tomarrow is sunday which sux. it used ot be good cause of x-files and botr, but now that x-files is in reruns and they don't play botr, sundays suck. i don't like being forced to go to church.argh.

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