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im walking into spiderwebs

so life the past few days has just been school work and classes.tuesday we went food shopping with vitos mom. finally. it was really great. first we went to feel right. which is an organic food store. vito is trying to eat all healthy now. so we got a bunch of cool stuff there. veggie chips, tofu, almond butter, honey sticks. good stuff. then of course i needed my food...ravioli, pasta sides, french bread pizza, chicken nibblers. haha. so healthy. thats probably why im so fuckin fat. blah. I also got some really cute halloween things that i was so excited about! and today i got my spiderweb candle holder in the mail. its so hot. so yeah we have food now. then we just came home, watched andromed and went to bed. i finally got to my paper last night and was up till 6am doing that and talking to annie again. i think i should go to nyc for halloween so i can go to the parade with her and kazy. i didnt realize it was on a sunday. that would be so sweet. so we'll see about that. i always say ill go and then dont. i really reeeeaally want to this time. im a stickler for parades, especially when its things im passionate about like the pride parade and the halloween parade. and i made it to nyc for the pride parade so maybe i can do this too.

so yeah i got a A on my english paper from 2 weeks ago. yay for me. i was nervouse about that one cause i handed it in a little late but it was no prob. i better get an A on this one too. and i got a B in my cognitive psych test which im really happy about cause i had soooo much fuckins shit to do that weak that i didnt even get to look at the material. so yay for me on that too.

in the morning im going to oneonta to visit my sister. my parents are driving up too. im pretty damn excited about that. i havent been there since like march ad i havent seen her new room or anything. also i love hanging out with her and the rest of the bunch after my parents leave. its always a good time. i miss those kiddies! and its cute up there. hehe. i hate that i have to leave here at 4am though. that blows. and i have to transfer twice. i hate shit like that. it makes me nervous.

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