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long time no write...

hehe, ive been too busy hangin with the girls and getting drunk lol. It was soo much fun though. Last night we went to Ericas room and drank, then we went to PJ's which was so fun. We got some beers and just danced all night. This guy even got behind me and started to dance with me. the i was just like ok i gotta go. lol after that i dont remember a lot hehe. I just know that I saw my friend Heather and she kissed me full on the lips. i was like dude its about time!! I had such a crush on her last year but i wasnt gonna do anything about it. it was fun. then we came hom and a whole bunchh of crazy shit happened. I love these girls. I even kinda made up with Josh. We dont really agree on it but theres nothing i can do so i figured i should just let it go. I always fuck myself like that but i guess i am used to it so its ok. i reeeaaally dont want to go to class tomorrow but i have to go cause i havnt been there for like 2 weeks. poop

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