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for you there will be no consequences

i loved this place. i really did. i was proud to live here. now i hope him and his people burn. god people do you have any idea what youve done? i dont even think so. i dont even think you have the vaguest idea.

i swore i wouldnt say anything. but things need to be said. people need to know what they did and feel damn guilty about it. and if you dont now, i guarantee you will soon. i dont think republicans have any idea because they arent having rights taken away from them. if kerry won, your rights would not have been changed or taken away. you voted in a president that wants to take rights and freedom away from people. destroy their lives. and by voting for him you deliberatly destroyed some of your friends and families lives. how can you be proud and happy about that? how can you live with yourselves?

and now i dont know who i am mader at. republicans, democrats who didnt go out and vote in swing states, or kerry for conceding right now.

i didnt know so many people wanted to commit suicide.

once again i am disabling comments cause this is how i feel right now and the rest...well i dont wanna hear it at all. laugh, cry, mourn, but try hard to have a nice day. And in the end i guess just try to be good people.

the end.

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