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To the people that are still saying shit to me the next day after most of us have clearly let it go...please get a life. Believe me it doesnt matter what you say on the subject. I see the selfishness and the narrow mindedness and well there is nothing i can do about it so thats how its gonna be. ive tried to refrain from making personal attacks but dont fuckin start with me on this cause its a waste of breath. i already have a strong opinion on you and the matter and i take all this as a lot of people are a personal slap in the face. oh and just so you know Brigid, there is a lot more to it then gay marriage i think i have made that clear.

On another note i am putting together some volunteering and other information on PRO-CHOICE groups and causes for those of you that asked. atleast some of us are going in the right direction.

now as i said before and broke my rule. i am DONE with this. i am not arguing about this any longer cause you know what? THATS being dramatic and childish. Bush is our president and thats how it is and there is nothing we can do about it now we did our best. so we just have to make the best of it and take whats coming one step at a time. And hope that he can try and do a good job.

THE END. for real. please.

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