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why must EVERYTHING be so complicated. Friends, life, family, school. everything. its just not tolerable anymore. and I really dont know want to do. I dont think its fair that i have to put up with all this crap, but i just dont know what to do. its like stuff starts to come together and then it just falls apart, and each time the fall is harder and worse. An one day, its just not gonna get better and bad shit is gonna happen again.

I talked to my mom today and it just totally depressed me. I dont want to go home. I absolutely cant go home. but where the hell am i supposed to go? Plus then she got all mad at me cause i am making my halloween costume and not just using something i already have. i'm like give me a break. Plus she got all on my case about school and studying and stuff. that is so the last thing i need rigth now...

atleast i went shopping today and got a bluesclues pillow and the incubus cd. its really good...

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