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so thursday i decided to do the whole "class? what class?" deal. in light of recent events i just really couldnt handle it. i tried my hardest to just keep on going but it wasnt happening. and i still havent done my paper that was due like 2 weeks ago. not sure if i even can at this point. and with another absence i wont get higher then a B probably. go me. so thursday night did the whole CSI ER thing. then went to michelles with ken and got drunk. pretty damn drunk, and we played would you fuck blah blah blah for a million dollars. lol. good times.

friday i slept a lot. ive been doing that lately. just sleeping. no motivation. it has me worried.i was also pretty sick and hung over from the night before. 11:30 i puked and i was ok lol. so i woke up and watched some buffy then i just sat around on my computer the rest of the day. later i watched andromeda with vito and we got some pizza and had a pizza party. lol. then i got ready and went over to michelles again with ken. we got drunk while watchig Saved! again. love that movie so much. it scares me that there are really people out there like that. lol. then we headed over to the continental. talked to ken about a lot of stuff that i wish i could remember right now and some guy kept trying to get with michelle all night which wasnt too bad cause atleast she was occupied and not bitching. i got so trashed with red deaths and the million drinks i had before. wow i was drunk. i danced a little while with brianna which is always fun, and talked to the usual people. we actually stayed till closing this time. then we went back to michelles and she was being bitchy so ken just drove me home.

i got online and annies sn was signed on so i imed her but it turned out to be chris. i had a weird but ok conversation with her i guess. i dont know how i feel about the situation anymore. maybe im trying too hard. i emailed annie about it but she hasnt responded to it yet. so yeah. who knows. some people can just move on. i have a hard time with that. especially with people i got attached to. which i do so fucking easily. so yeah,then vito woke up and he was feeling pretty sick so i gave him some medicine and told him he could sleep longer ill just pay for a cab for him to go to work. so he was really happy about that and went back to sleep a little longer.

today i feel like fucking shit. i have the worst migraine and i just dont want to do anything. i probably wont lol.
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